Hi i want to add my forum

in the beautiful site in infinity host if you like :crazy_face:

my website addressasoor.rf.gd

Yes, you can. Use the softaculous from the control panel.

Click on it, from there, you can find the phpbb forum (you can also choose for another forum installer just by searching the keyword), Choose it and install it on your desired domain/website or directory. Leave the text field blank if you want to install it on your main directory/domain.

For manually installation, please go to this link:




What happened to your old forum? http://esra.rf.gd

appears to be suspended.

Please use a lot more descriptive sentences in your question
so that we don’t have to guess what you’re actually asking.

Or you just wanted to advertise a little ? :slight_smile:


this not working at all!

What do you mean by not working?

Any error? Screenshots?


The styles only load with the www version of your forum. Please consider redirecting your users to the www version of your forum instead of leaving both the broken non-www and the working www versions together.


done i add the beautiful style http://asoo.gq/

It’s working fine? Both non-www and with www (in mobile). This is the same view/layout in both.

Can you please share or tell us the exact problem?

just i want to share it :crazy_face:

Hai senpai!

So you don’t have any problem?

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Are you Arabic

Okay, we’re glad to know that! Please don’t forget to mark this topic as solved!

I’m not a Arabic, sorry. I’m a Japanese.

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