Hi i am trying to start a startup or bussiness using infintyfree subdomain but i have doubt that infinity premium account can handle more than 1000 tb storage?

Aman kumar (dhamalasticworld.epizy.com)

Try using the body section next time, also speak english

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Also, have you setup your domain - I’m getting Server Not Found

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yes i completed setup

Huh, must just be on my end

but it not have ssl verified

The certificate you have entered does not match the current private key.

i am getting this problem when i try to activate

Your probably uploading the wrong certificate in the wrong order
Paste in the private key first,and then upload it
Then do the same with the certificate

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it is asking csr also

Ignore the csr, it’s optional

now i configured but i not got any error or successful meassage

is it configured or not

  1. The “Title” is for a summary, not your issue. Your issue goes in the “Body” part, and the template tells you that.

  2. Something is wrong with your site, as it is not showing.

  3. SSL never shows a “congrats” message in the control panel. To see if it works, you need to clear your cache and load your site with the “https://” prefix.


No, a $5 unlimited account cannot provide 1000 TB of storage.

Rule of thumb: if it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t. And when Dropbox charges $10 per month for 2 TB, then don’t expect 500 times that for half the price.

Yes, there is no hard disk space limit, but fair usage restrictions do apply. It’s still a web hosting account, and as such should be used for web hosting, not for file or backup hosting.


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