Hi admin, Please allow .tk domain

Hi admin, I read previously that you don’t allow .tk domains. But I want to request you for that. My website thankmelater.tk has so many visits per day (almost more than 10000) but the website is using URL framing because you didn’t allow to use .tk domain as parked domain.

Please enable .tk domain as it is really popular and now it is being trusted. Many popular websites like wordpress and blogspot let us use .tk domain then why not InfinityFree? I think you should let us use .tk domain too. I had to create a thankmelater.epizy.com and use url frame to use it as thankmelater.tk. Even hostinger and 000webhost let us use .tk domains.

Please enable .tk domains admin, please…

url framing just breaks the website’s responsiveness. Even on mobile, the website is shown using Desktop UA and it sucks.


.Tk domain is not supported, however all the other Freenom Domains are supported. Therefore you can just create a redirect on your .tk domain through FreeNom and make it redirect to another domain (.ml for example or anything else you choose for your website on here)…

However, shout-out to @Admin , if it’s configurable on his-side I think that as other FreeNom domains are allowed, that .tk should also be allowed, as they all are theoretically same.

Although, despite it’s popularity for not costing anything, alot of people still look at them with suspicious eye, so that may have been the reason why Admin made that InfinityFree doesn’t support .tk ones, as they are frequently used by Ad-Milking sites, fake ‘hack’ websites, survey-scams and similiar profit schemes, but on other note they are also used by legit users who cannot pay for an actual domain.