Hey i want to move my domain

hey Admin,my current url right now is pongoo.epizy

and i just bought .com domain with name orangseo .com

and its very simple but i don’t know how i change my url into the .com domain,

I already add on .com domain and change the server into epizy name server

How do i go on from this?How do i change the epizy to .com domain? do i moved all the pongoo .epizy htdocs to my orangseo .com domain than just delete epizy domain? how do i know my orangseo .com domain finish propagate??

did you connected it to infinityfree ?

if not , open your controlPanel and click add-ons . here is you can configure your Domain


Yes, you can do this

To delete your account you can also read this


Do not delete nothing, It’s not necessary!
if you want to keep the .epizy domain, but make the .com domain the principal, you have to do this:

(ill be using freenom, where i got my domain, it’ll be similar in almost all domain sellers.)

As a first instance, you log in your website as you would normally do.
After that enter the place where you domain is; for example, for me it’s like this, so i enter “manage domain”, here:

after that, go tomanagement tools, then, nameservers, Like this:
2020-11-06 08_16_27-Window3
and finally, POOT, as custom nameservers, this:
then in cpanel, forward the .epizy domain to the .com domain.

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i already change my custom domain name server to epizy,how to forward the epizy domain to the .com domain? what if i want to delete the epizy domain and move everything to the .com domain? and i remember a while back edit the epizy domain htdocs something into manually setup to epizy but i forget which file i put that setup,can u tell me? is it phpacces?admin? i cant remember.

Open cpanel (i think you know where to go)
Then go to domains tab, in cpanel, go to redirects, select the domain like this:
select the .epizy domain and click “alter redirects”

After that, redirect it tgho the .com domain
like that (:

bro ! he need to move all files in the htdocs in old domain to new domains htdocs

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If he made orangseo.com it’s main domain, that wouldn’t be needed

If he didnt, just download all files into a folder, then delete them from the fm, and finally, upload all the files that you downloaded into orangseo.com>htdocs

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hey all @ThouZands @AdYouWebs i’m sorry couldn’t get back to yall as fast as i can ,Infinity prevent me to sent reply smh just because im new and have to wait for 24 hrs

so what i done is i cut and paste all the htdocs from epizy to custom com domain htdocs just like @AdYouWebs and i redirect epizy to orangseo.com just like @ThouZands told,
but when i search orangseo . com its still give me this

what should i do??
and epizy com give me this ,since the root file is gone

what i do wrong?

I know why, actually, but it’s pretty hard to explain, Or maybe very easy, it depends…

As a first instance, Check orangeseo’s htdocs, to see if there is any .htaccess

If there is, Then, Delete it.

If not, tell me asap, and ill see what else culd it be


there is .htaccess and i delete it now it works u can go to orangseo.com but when i go to blog or try to go to admin wordpress it redirects to error 404 ,why is that?

and idk if it matters i change the wp-config.php manually into

: define( 'WP_HOME' , 'http://orangseo.com' );

define( 'WP_SITEURL' , 'http://orangseo.com' );

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okay im logging in my bad, and i suspect the blog is redirect to epizy again so i need to change the url

xd, well you found it, if you need any more help, then tell me (:


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