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I want to create a Zoho Mail account using my domain which is hosted in infinityfree, the question is where do I add TXT records in the infinityfree cpanel?

Why do you wanna add text record?

(Spf records can be added in spf records)

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For verification that you own the domain name.

Take note Zoho Mail does not allow .tk, .ga, .cf, .gq, .ml domains to be added.

There you are!

My domain is .com

For verification that i own the domain


If you want to add text record, you can do it via CloudFlare.
If you want to access through infinityfree cpanel, using CName could be easier for you.

I used CNAME it worked, Thanks! One more thing, DKIM.
where do add DKIM codes in infinityfree cpanel

You can’t add DKIM records in IF

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Its very unfortunate that this can affect email deliverability rate!

Well, you can still use CloudFlare…

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doesn’t that mean you will want to let cloudflare manage your domain first?

You just need to use CloudFlare dns. From there you play with SPF, DKim etc. CloudFlare dns is more flexible…


And it will cache your static files and serve it more faster

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