Hello,i have sourcebans for my CSGO servers and web panel shows Error Connecting for my game server when it is actually online. Can you open UDP incoming from your game server port 27015 and 27019 ?

This is the web site:

This is website hosting, not game hosting


I needd to open UDP 27019,and 27015 incoming port in my host. Sourcebans is website dude.

mmMy English is bad, I didn’t want to offend anyone :wink:

Can you help me or no?

I never host game, so no
Still, if you want to open specific port, you can’t do that here.

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As @FlutterHoney said, Gameserver hosting is impossible here, and don’t expect opening a specific ports for your website


is dude a bad word??

What are you trying to do? host a gameserver or fetch data from your game server?

  1. you cannot host a gameserver here.
  2. Maybe try to use external API for fetching data from your gameserver? we cannot open these ports for you to fetch data of your gameserver but there may be some sources which can fetch data and then output to your server.

I only remember someone put a rules for new people, and it says “don’t name-calling people”.

For security reasons, most outgoing ports are blocked on our hosting. So access to external systems on common ports, like 80 and 443 for HTTP, and 465 and 587 for SMTP are allowed, but most unknown ports (including all of the different types of game server) are blocked.


Its not name-calling, its typically used in casual conversation and is not taken as offense in everyday English. I’m heading out now.


I’m girl.

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