Help! Wordpress failure! Can't edit pages, change settins, install plugins, upload media files, etc

I have installed wordpress on my site, but i can’t do anything on it. can’t edit pGage, upload files, install plugins, change settings, etc… please help

someone posted a similar problem on stackoverflow and he got this answer:
I think your problem is with your shared hosting setup. Some shared hosts will add a maximum database query length as a security measure. What is happening is that your host sees a huge query (because of all the variations) and drops the query entirely.

this solution was proferred:

the fix to this issue would be to contact your hosting provider and have them increase the query length to a much larger value.

Admin please help!

We do have restrictions on heavy queries, but we typically suspend accounts if they abuse the database. We don’t just drop queries. We also don’t check query length, we only measure performance impact on the database.

I’d like to check it, but “i can’t do anything on it” is not really a problem description I can work with. What do you see? Do you get any error messages? Have you tried turning on debug mode in Wordpress to see if you could get any useful information from it?