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Error Message

Validation error

The selected custom domain is already in use on Please remove the custom domain from your account at before you can host it on InfinityFree.

Other Information

I moved domain away from MOFH but its still showing the error

Try removing the nameservers and wait for that to propagate (3 days). Then, add them back and wait for DNS propagation (3 more days). Then try adding it back to your account.

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i already waited 3 days i changed them like 6 days ago

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It’s been a bit of time already. I waited more than 3 days and am still getting the error

Now it is time for you to add the nameservers: and
Also, Freenom has been known to have DNS (specifically nameserver) issues, you may have to press the set button a few times if the nameservers are not propagating.

i did but all dns checkers say literally no nameservers are on there

I will reiterate for you:

But even more importantly:

but the thing is that usually it would atleast show previous nameservers
but now it shows nothing

What would do this? All DNS-checking software I know of takes the most up-to-date DNS “listings” available and returns them to the client. Freenom DNS management should have the last-entered nameservers automatically filled in the box, but as I said:

ok i have no choice but to take another domain

It’s working now. A major part of working with websites is patience. If you don’t have it, you are not going to end up well.


Apparently, you didn’t, or you wouldn’t get this error.

Please note that the domain needs to be removed from the hosting account. Changing the nameservers on your domain doesn’t remove the domain from the systems.

Please note the error message as well:

Please remove the custom domain from your account at before you can host it on InfinityFree.

If you needed to change your nameservers, it would say so.


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