help, settings on my domain

Does anyone know how to fill out the data in my domain (.com).
I just want redirect my domain (.com) to my infinityfree hosting.
My account is epiz_18611977
Note: clicking on the icon “account settings”, on “Name servers for addon and parked domains”, there are this information: “” and “

image Doc1:

Image Doc2:


update the nameservers to

@EasyHost said:
update the nameservers to


thanks but, at 22 january i put the “” and “” in the nameservers on another domain (.net) to experiment but it didn’t work until today.



Changing the nameservers from Settings → Nameservers is the right (and only) way to do it. It shouldn’t take two weeks though, it should work within 2 days, typically.

Now it works. On the Control Panel I clicked on the icon “Addon Domains” and put my domain name (.com) and it´s ok