HELP PLS, My account (website) is active, but the site does not say it has been suspended (but the cpanel of)

Good morning, since I hope that you answer me urgently, I need this, as you can see in the images, I can enter the cpanel, and says that the account is active, but when I log into FTP and put the site link on google, says that the site has been suspended, I do not know what was the reason, I did not do anything wrong I really need the site for a clan community that I have for the moment, I hope you respond quickly, please.


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As the Admin said there’s an ongoing system issue, that causes:

  • Websites redirect to
  • Using FTP is not possible. FTP clients say: 421 2900 users (the maximum) are already logged in

Neither your site is suspended nor you did something wrong, maybe. Eventually your site will be back online soon.

I’m also having the same problem on my website. inside the client area is active, but when I try to open the site, it is suspended.

The site is:

There is a topic explaining this issue which literally covers the top half of the screen on any page in the forum. Please read it. Everyone here is trying to help you, all you need to do is to pay attention to the help that’s already there.