Help please

this is my website URL i don’t know why suddenly its showing like this .
please help me out .
what to do now??

What do you mean? Just simply don’t ever visit that link again.

What’s this exactly?

oh, i see,it is a php file with an exposed/ unintrepreted php logic

Please make sure you didnt close the php tags.

Wrong Code:

    echo "Hi! Im a code";?>
    echo "Why im not executing";

It should be:

    echo "Hi! Im a code";
    echo "Why im not executing";

I checked every page of his site and it’s appearing like an incomplete php snippet. with no <?php and incomplete end of code.

yeap, the php now is exposed and seems to be interpreted like a text


looks like a corrupted app.

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@raviriwariSEOexpert Make sure you put <?php before the other php codes and end it with ?>

so now what to do ?

what to do now ?

i don’t know suddenly i search my website and it shows like this

We know, do as everyone says and add

At the very start of your script, then
at the end, this will tell the web browser to interpret it as php code!

Simply, correct and fix your code.

What CMS are you using Exactly?

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