Help needed. Domain only works with www prefix

Hi, my hosting account is several days old but the SSL certificate is working and domain resolves. But, my site only loads when using the www prefix. My domain without using the www prefix fails. Please see below.


(Erroneously points to ad site)
Ad site appears hosted on AWS with IP of and a CNAME of 11776.BODIS

Hi and welcome to the forum! Try to remove and re-add your domain from the “Addon Domains” section of the Control Panel, then move the website files you uploaded from the htdocs folder to the new one, located under, through the Online File Manager or an FTP client. After waiting a while or so (and maybe also clearing your browser and DNS cache), your website will be accessible through non-www as well. You might also need to reinstall the SSL certificate after you did so to make sure it also works with HTTPS.


Thanks, the domain folder was created when the domain was re-added and I have moved the files. Should I delete the original htdocs that was provisioned outside of the domain folder that you mentioned? (See attached image with question mark). Thanks.

Yes, you can delete it if it is confusing, as any more domains you add to your account will get their own folder.


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