Help my domain doesn't work

My website URL is:

**What I’m seeing is:This site can’t be reached ’s server IP address could not be found.


I’m using this software:

Additional information:it is from 3 hours

You have to wait for DNS propagation.

Your domain doesn’t point to our nameservers. Please change them to and before your domain can work fine.


It is right now but still

Now your nameservers also point to Cloudflare nameservers. Please remove those, add the domain on your hosting account from the “Addon Domains” section of the Control Panel or create a new hosting account with the same domain name, then revert back to Cloudflare nameservers (so cancelling our nameservers and putting Cloudflare ones), follow this article to find the server IP your website will be on, then go to the DNS section of the Cloudflare dashboard for your domain, click on “Add Record” and create an A record with name @ and as target the IP you got from the digging, and a CNAME record with name www and target @. After that set the SSL option to “Flexible” and install whatever software you want (even WordPress), but with the protocol set to http:// or http://www., or upload your website files if you already developed your website to your domain’s htdocs folder (or the only htdocs folder you see); after that, if you are on WordPress, install the Really Simple SSL plugin, enable it, go to the HTTPS version of your website, click on “Go ahead, activate SSL” and re-login again with the credentials you set up during installation.


Didn’t work can you contact me to manage my domain through cloudflare my email is : [email protected] thank you.

@iiAhmedYT seems like you bought the domain from namecheap. Login to your namecheap account and manage the domain DNS from there to point to and

the cloudflare dns config is unrelated. get the website running then setup the cloudflare afterwards

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But how will it be SSL after that
Sorry for bad English

once the website is running with the correct DNS. You do the cloudflare setup.

If you already setup cloudflare, go to overview > remove site from account.
Give time for the and to propagate.

I would wait 24hrs then setup cloudflare.
below steps I did for regular html website. For a wordpress site watch some youtube video to setup the software

Let it cloudflare scan for DNS or setup the A and cname records manually.
Step 1 repoint the dns on the namecheap accounts to cloudflare servers
Step 2 Go to the infinityfree control panel > Cloudflare software > enable
Step 3 finish the cloudflare setup.

I found if you do step 3 before step 2, the infinityfree cloudflare throws a error

*also you have to run flexible ssl mode. the certificates are not accepted to run full ssl

good luck


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