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Hello, my website connected with this hosting platform, but i want to transfer my website to new hosting site! but the problem is the database i want to install on another hosting site is showing error like “413 Request Entity Too Large” plz anyone here to help me

Are you trying to upload a files??

yes! but i want to tell you, that all files are deleted expect wp content

If it’s showing on another hosting provider, then why are you asking it here? contact them instead.


You can’t upload files bigger than 10 MB
But you can upload the files separately

yes bro, but my database epiz_24308685 is just 2.16 mb

Try reading this article

Bro i have done this! i downloaded this, but i uploading my database the error show regularly 413 request entity too large

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This error means that the server upload limit is lower than the size of the file you’re trying to upload.

However, this is very clearly a problem with your new hosting provider. They and only they can fix this. And maybe they have a different way to import databases, but then they should be able to tell you about this.

We can’t help you fix issues with some unknown other hosting provider. We can only fix our own hosting, not the hosting of our competitors.


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