Help Me After Instaling And Deleting Sitebuilder My Website Say this domain may be for sale

epiz_30216965 (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL


Error Message



Other Information

(I AM Using Worpress Softliucus says there is wordpress help :frowning: )

If the domain is very new, DNS propagation may hold up deployment of your site to all the corners of the world. To fix this, release and renew your IP, clear your cache and if that doesn’t work, wait 72 hours, it should be completed by then.

If the domain is old, it could have expired. Log in to to renew it. How to renew Freenom domain:


the domain is there in freenom

and i have not made any changings in the website in a day so it should work

Ok. Most likely just dns propagation. Wait 72 hours for it to work properly.

However, dns propagation will not complete as you wish if you do not set it up properly. Please set your nameservers then add the domain to your hosting by account.

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My Name Servers Run Of Infintyfree

Please type clearly. The nameservers of your domain should be:

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It is caused due to DNS Caching and propagation. You need to wait for a few hours…

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its the same

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Like I said, you need to be patient. Your nameservers need to populate all over the world. It will take time.

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Yes, I see that it is propagating. Now you have the nameservers set correctly, so everything should be in order soon.


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It’s propagated. Can you try adding it to your hosting account?


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