Help! I cannot send email/login to FTP/connect to my database!

In this topic, I would like to answer some of the most commonly asked questions.

I cannot send email!

Sending email from your website with PHP mail() is possible on InfinityFree, but it is restricted. Only a small set of templates have been whitelisted, and any email which doesn’t match those templates will be dropped.

To work around this, you could send email with a third party SMTP service, like Gmail, instead. Alternatively, you could upgrade your account.

For more information, as well as general tips on how to ensure email from your website is sent successfully, please see this article:

I cannot connect to FTP!

If you experience problems connection to FTP, please see this FAQ article:

If the article above does not answer your question, please search the forum as well. If you can’t find your answer in any of the existing threads, please create a new discussion.

I cannot connect to my database!

A commonly occurring issue is that people are unable to connect to the databases they created. You can find a checklist for common configuration issues in this article: