help enabling ssl certificate or redirecting my site from http to https

I have been trying to enable ssl certificate on my website but i failed every time i try… I’ve tried “codomo ssl” and any other ssl providers which can found on the top on google but i can’t make it happen and i even tried to redirect my site from http to https but by doing this browsers are unable to open my website bcoz of too many redirects, i have enabled cloudfare(which is available in cpanel) but it isn’t working ( i want that lock badge in the top left corner whne somebody opens my site) can anybody help me? I’m new here ?

If you’re seeing errors because of too many redirects, it sounds like your certificate installation may have been successful (or you would see SSL errors), but your website is redirecting people back to non-https URLs.

Sometimes, you need to configure your website as well to use HTTPS. For example, with WordPress, you also need to update the Website URL setting to include https:// instead of `http://.