Help email war!

last day i worked till midnight and today full day result, 0
i tried to configure smtp in infinityfree with phpmailer also still no luck, today i used wordpress and install wp mail smtp and it showed that my setup was successful and once i try creating account in my site no verification mail recieved!
where am i wrong i am using buddypress with youzer made login system!
help me please asap!

Please solve your SSL problem first. If you are going to force HTTPS, you need an SSL certificate from

i have ssl from infinityfree

i have ssl from infinityfree

It’s not installed correctly then. Please make sure the SSL CNAME cheeks are “Ready” and the certificate is correctly uploaded in the control panel.

There are a lot of things that could not be working correctly. WP Mail SMTP could be misconfigured, the login system could not be using it correctly, the message could be caught in a spam filter, either by the sending provider or the receiving one.

Some things you can try first:

  • Try sending a test message from the WP Mail SMTP plugin, if possible. If it does: good. If it doesn’t, don’t bother looking at the login system yet.
  • Try different email addresses and email providers. Or maybe try signin up and check their report.

There are a lot of moving parts here, and almost none of them are part of our hosting. So please understand that we can’t just snap our fingers and make your email provider and your website code work.


i don’t feel it as over expectation as infinityfree is so good with so many facilities that even other brands don’t so i was expecting for anyone to make a complete details of the stuff how to do things i know it is hard for a single person to manage everything still atleast you try.
still thanking you as being admin also you took time to respond!
i sent a test mail it reached my inbox not in span as well but when for verification it goes nowhere whats wrong with it i don’t know
if any expert is reading this please help me i feel the issue persists in youzify itself but still anyone help me again thank you for your time :slight_smile:

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Then follow this


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