Hello. my ssl certificate is not working

my site name : welobi.com

Error Message

Hello there. I got an ssl certificate from Let’s Encrypt. SSL certificate appears on my site, but when I enter the site with https, my site is broken. how can i fix this?

Other Information

It was working properly before. It started happening a few days ago

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When you use HTTPS you need than everywhere in the code
call resources via HTTPS protocol and not via HTTP

So anything that is not through a secure protocol is discarded

that’s why your page looks broken


Thank you for your quick response. Even though I changed the config, nothing changed. I even deleted the config from the file manager, the site still works. Very interesting.


I don’t know what software it is and who made it

You should definitely consult with the person who made it (or online help if it is a known platform) on how to configure it.

You also have the option to use Cloudflare or .htaccess
which will rewrite all HTTP to HTTPS
but this really depends on the platform (soft) you are on - to avoid additional complications

A lot of your code has a double slash // where it shouldn’t be (problems are possible because of that)

example (there are many more in other places)

If you are a premium user then you need to use premium support
because this is a forum for free hosting users


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