Hello Admin

**My website URL is:epizy.com

**What I’m seeing is:web server down errors

I’m using this software:

**Additional information:**Greetings from @allroundernaman .

This is to inform you that I have seen many issues of error 521, 520 or site is under reachable. It might be because of Website ip facing issues or currently under a ddos attack.
You can also see that about 1/3 of the topics are for this issue only.
@Admin Please resolve this matter

Can you please explain exactly what the issue is you’re seeing right now, and on which website? I need a bit more information that “some people say that some things are not working” to be able to help.

There was an outage yesterday, but as I’ve replied in various topics yesterday, this issue has already been resolved yesterday.

Please do not submit support requests to let people know that other people also have similar support requests. I do actually read all topics, you know.

Ohh… If that issues is resolved… Then ok … I was asking for that only.

Yes… I know… :slight_smile:

So then why did you feel it was necessary to create this topic? If you know I read the topics, why do you want to remind me about this?

Yes… that is true… I know you read all topics… since I was worried about the other users that day, I reminded you in the case of any outage in the server IPs.

Also, for reminding… I tried to personally message you on the message icon- inbox - New Message - It says “Admin is currently not accepting messages.” So I need to create a new topic for this purpose. I know… This might because you want to be out from spam! I messaged to moderaters group also… there were two persons their. But their reply didn’t came. So in this case, I created a new topic

But anyway… The outage was solved and everything is fine now.

Since the last big outage, we now have automated monitoring now on the website IPs. So if one of them goes down, emails are automatically sent out to relevant parties to communicate and coordinate the issues.

And if there is a big issue, there are usually dozens or even hundreds of topics about the issue. So if there is a big outage, it’s kindof hard to miss.

So between the automated monitoring and the forum posts from people who are personally affected by this issue, there is absolutely no reason why you should submit another topic to let people know that there are a lot of topics about the same issue.

I don’t accept private messages because people exclusively use them to send support requests to me, because they feel that the ability to send messages to me entitles them to my personal attention.

I also disabled notification’s for @mentions of my name, so don’t bother using them. I’m not a dog who you can just whistle over to do tricks for you whenever you want to.

I’m responsible for providing services to hundreds of thousands of people. I simply don’t have the time to provide personalized help for everyone.


Yaa, right

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