Having trouble to add original TLS certificate generated from cloudflare to cpanel

Hi Admin,

I had generated TLS certificate from CloudFlare and try to put it in cpanel for my website. However, cpanel keeps saying “The certificate uploaded is NOT for the domain name (my own domain name)”. Is the TLS certificate works for cpanel? Please help. Thank you so much!


Hello there, why aren’t you using Cloudfare directly from the cpanel? Its available under the software section in cpanel. Enable cloudfare from there and i believe that it will take a few hours or a day at max to get activated. You’ll be provided with ssl directly from cloudfare once it gets activated.

Hi MrZeBro,

I had turned on CloudFlare for my website already in the cpanel, but still, it does not work. Please help!


Oh it works now! Thanks for your help!

Anytime :wink: Like i mentioned before, patience is all you need for these sort of things.