Having trouble linking to squarespace

Im new to all of this domain and website stuff and im having trouble. I copy what is under “host” in squarespace and then paste it under “source” in the dns settings on infinityfree. Then I copy and paste whats under “required data” in squarespace and paste it under “destination” on infinityfree. I have done this multiple times, but the “current data” is still red on squarespace. I also have three cname records in squarespace, im not sure if thats a problem or not. Two of them have the same required and current data, and those are the two that wont work. Is this something that I can fix with infinityfree, or is it something I have to fix with squarespace. Are they just not compatible? Am I doing something wrong?


Since you did not fill out the template and provide a domain name, we cannot help you. Also, please share a screenshot of the records that you added from the control panel.


What are you trying to do exactly? Are you trying to host a free subdomain from us on Squarespace?

Because if so: that’s not possible. Our free subdomains can only be used to host a website with us.


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