Has anyone had this issue before?

so iv been experimenting with different cms to see which one id like to build with. when i installed wintercms through the softculous installer it installed but it returns "str()"errors when i try to login.

iv tried the webinstaller aswell. im new to php so any help is appreciated!



heres the error it sends.


The error says the PHP class Str is missing. The error page looks like what previous versions of Laravel used to use. So I think one of the files of the application went missing.

For now, I would just suggest reinstalling the script.

One possible explanation may be the inode limit. Accounts are limited to only 30k files and directories, and some complex applications and frameworks can be many thousands of files. So if you’re installing a bunch of CMS all at the same time, that could result in a lot of inodes, so you may need to make some space first.

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