Haha dns hacking go BRRRR

dont try pinging the admin, I promise that will go as well as your head to the bricks.

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wow nice insult

might as well flag and get you banned

… if this is sarcasm, then I will ignore this.


We don’t ban someone because they hint someone else for good, rejecting your flag.


The thing with DNS cache is that it’s different for everyone, and highly varying.

If you make a DNS change and try to access it when it’s not cached yet? Boom: it’s instantly visible.

If you make a DNS change and the previous setting was added to cache a few minutes ago? It can now take a day or more for the change to be visible.

If the www subdomain worked for you and the base domain didn’t, that’s because the base domain was cached for you and the www subdomain wasn’t.

But it’s not a “fix”, and it definitely doesn’t work for everyone in all situations.

The fixes which are actually known to work are described here:

A bit harsh, but I can’t argue with the reasoning. Pinging me and slamming your head into a wall are both equally effective at getting my attention. Which is to say: not at all.


Theoretically makes no sense.
If your going to post something, think before you post

Also this is not hacking


Well asking, using the tools like clear DNS cache by Cloudflare ( will speed up DNS propagation?

No, that is browser cache.

BRUH, dns resolver cache

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oh lol, misread it.

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Please tone it down on the personal attacks.

Yes, the method doesn’t work and is based on flawed assumptions. But just thinking and not being drunk doesn’t make someone magically understand DNS. Please have some respect for the people with less experience.


I didn’t intend it to sound this way.

Apologies @WebyDev if this sounded rude.


That’s why i italicing my words :v

You didnt reply for me… :frowning:

tone it down = don’t do it.


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