Grendel Hosting

Why did you sht down Grendelhosting?

@Goranko GrendelHosting has never been shutdown. Only Grendel Free hosting plan is slowly being shutdown, and probally it will be officially shutdown on April 1, but Grendel Premium has been there since it was created. Grendel Free got shutdown because it was very inefficient, and i can guarantee that InfinityFree is better than Grendel Free was, because on InfinityFree there are more options, not so horibble limits, and almost no errors or downtimes. But Grendel Free was alot different, FTP was broken, people websites got errors and timeouts often, it was very bad. Keep in mind, that GrendelHosting is mainly focused on Grendel Premium, and you should buy it because it’s a very good hosting plan. But if you’re low on money you can stick to InfinityFree.
So conclusion: Grendel Hosting is not shutdown, only Grendel Free plan is discontinued!_

Thank you! My sites on GrendelHosting was often being shut down. When I was visiting my sites, I saw Service Temporarily Unavailable.