Government Like Database templates?

I’ve been looking around the internet for a database template, I want to make one just to show and allow people to access files and documents like a wiki but look and feel like a actual government database.

It’s a little harder to answer because of mixed terms DB and LAF
and you also need to be careful not to break the TOS

I guess you’re actually looking for a dynamic website + DB
which should look like hmm. “government database”

First I wanted to ask you why you did not use Google Docs
but I decided not to ask :smile:

If I understood everything well, maybe this would suit you

in the control panel there is Softaculous apps installer
and there the Wikis section

…read, try demo, and install what suits you most

then you should look for skins (LAF as government)
either in the app itself or online (of course depends on what you install)
example here Category:All skins - MediaWiki

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