Got "Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token <" error message when loading .js file in my website


It seems that it fails to load some javascript file in my website from in my html file.
But I can load those js files normally when I use xampp to test with localhost.

Thank you

for some js files, I can change their paths to solve this issue, but some files just can’t be loaded because this error

Could you check your browser’s error console and/or network console to see which content is actually being loaded in?

Two likely explanations I can think of is that:

  • The URL is redirecting you to because the URL caused a 404 error.
  • The URL responds with a 403 status code and HTML content. Which could happen if the URL you’re loading is on another domain.

sorry for late reply, my webpage is here:

and the js file which is failed to load is 

I got the same error for  before, but after I changed the path of Tween.js, it got fixed.

But I can’t fix for ObjectLoader.js by changing its path. 
I have no idea why.

Thank you.

BTW, can I make the forum to send me an email if someone replies me?

the problem no longer exists
if you have it please try cleaning the cache

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It's working fine from here.

I do see you're using relative paths, which means it matters a lot which URL you're trying to access the file from. By using absolute paths (with or without the domain name), it's more predictable where the files are loaded from.

Hi OxyDac, Admin,

Now it seems that it’s working. 

Thanks for your help.