Google smtp (or other) success

has anyone been successful in using google smtp service on free hosting?
if so, i’d like to see an example.
thanks everyone.

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SMTP is not supported, unfortunately. You can ask why, though.

then google smtp server does not work for anyone?
i ask because i cannot afford hosting.

Nope, it not supported unless you upgrade to premium version which is from iFastNet

ok, thank you. will look into it.

Which Google SMTP do you mean? I have the feeling @PatNeedsHelp and @Fury_Phoenix are not talking about the same thing.

Using Google SMTP to send email from your website works fine. This was actually described in our knowledge base:

Connecting our mail servers for POP and SMTP importing in Gmail does not work, because POP and SMTP access to our mail servers from other mail software is a premium only feature.


ty. i had thought that with a ssl certificate i could bypass.

SSL and email are completely unrelated.

Well, not entirely, because mail servers can have SSL connections too.

But installing SSL on a domain name on a hosting account does not affect the email capabilities of that hosting account, or the way PHP code executes on the account.


thank u very much. ur help is greatly appreciated.

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