Google probleme : canonical URL bug (maybe cloaking)

Hello, i have a blog about electronics, the probleme is that i have only 1 page referenced on google, bing…

I think there is a probleme of cloaking

I have this probleme:

Duplicate page: Google did not choose the same canonical URL as the user

I use wordpress, how can i resolve it?


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Bug, only 1 page referenced in google

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I checked what Google returns for me for your domain, and it seems it only indexes the home page.

I suspect that this may be caused by the fact that the home page is just a static page, that loads some Javascript with a delay that redirects people to the WordPress site after timeout. I don’t know how well search engine crawlers like that.

Also, please remember that how, when and how often Google crawls your site is entirely at Google discretion. We can’t guarantee you that Google will index your site and rank your pages in a certain way.

Besides that, having a sitemap file can help, and so does submitting your site to Google Search Console. But again, no guarantees.


ok, thinks to reply me.

I have send sitemap on google search console,but i don’t have any change.

I try to change the javascripte on index page, maybe it could make better…

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It takes time for Google to pick up the changes and start crawling your site. How long that takes is up to Google’s discretion.


Move to

At least Google simply denies those links.

More info: Page Indexing report - Search Console Help


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