Google Chrome says it detected malware on my site

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An attacker at may now attempt to install a dangerous program on your computer that steals or deletes user information (such as pictures, passwords, messages, or credit cards)

Google Safe Browsing recently detected malware at Even websites that are usually safe may be infected with malware.

Other Information

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what’s happening? how can i fix it?

Try this…


ok, I try. thanks!

the check result is…’ Your site is blacklisted and needs immediate attention. Web authorities are blocking traffic because your website is unsafe for visitors. Sign up to secure your site with guaranteed malware and blacklist removal.’

I don’t know why google blocking my site. and they says my site seems to have malcious download or harmful redirect page, so what? where the URL is?

That’s bcos u r using a subdomain.
The domain is being blacklisted.

Get a free domain from Freenom. U shd b gd to go.

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lmao thats how i found out it was blacklisted.

and yes it appears that someone who used that free subdomain in the past posted malware or phishing on their website.

It’s not my fault, right?


no its not, just some scammer setup a malware or phishing page using that subdomain.

I want to know exactly what that page is,…Google says there’s a problem, but it doesn’t tell me what URL it is.

I would like to know the full URL too. But even as a domain owner, Google doesn’t tell me exactly. They give “examples” of bad content. If only they sent clear notices saying “please take down this content to get your domain restored”, that would help us avoid this issue effectively.

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idk what page it is

the site is no longer blacklisted

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