Google can't fetch my robots.txt file

I have recently uploaded my site I didn’t upload a robots.txt.

When I tried to submit my site to Google Webmaster Tools, it showed me the following message:

Robots.txt fetch failed
You have a robots.txt file that we are currently unable to fetch. In such cases we stop crawling your site until we get hold of a robots.txt, or fall back to

the last known good robots.txt file.

I uploaded an empty robots.txt, but nothing changed.

Using a sniffer, I discovered that returns 200, but the file contains the following code:

This site requires Javascript to work, please enable

Javascript in your browser or use a browser with Javascript support

I think that this code prevents Google from fetching the robots.txt successfully.

Could you please do anything about it?

Unfortunately, there’s little use in having a site without Google seeing it.

The additional content is normal (it’s part of a bot protection system), however special precautions have been taken to ensure search engines won’t be affected by it.

I’ve also checked the URL, but it doesn’t seem to show anything.

Thanks for the reply. I was able to successfully add the robots.txt to my account under the Google Webmaster Tools