Google AdSense Error While registering the site

my website name is but when i am putting it in google adsense registration account the error appears that ( URL must not have a path ( or subdomain ( [Learn more])

What should i do please help?

Because you need to but, not

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You are entering a subdomain and ADsense does not accept subdomains. Get your own domain first.


So that means i cant register through infinity free domains?

No, you can’t register through AdSense with custom domains. You must have a TLD (Top-Level Domain) to do that.


Or get a free domain from freenom and use it.

so that domain can be use over here at infinity? as i made website now how i can change its domain from .epizy to freenom domain?

You can just parked that domain by using Parked Domain menu on your hosting Control Panel.
But before that, you must change the domain nameserver to &

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Bro i got an top level domain from when i am entering in parked domain management its giving me error that domain is not registered.
Do you have any information regarding this issue?

If your domain provider has deactivated your domain name, then your domain name will not work. If so, your domain provider will need to reactivate your domain name.

The only people who know exactly when, how or why your domain was deactivated are with your domain provider. So please contact them for issues with your domain name.

FreeDomaini is scam site. They just want to “farm” your data.
They won’t activate your order.

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