Google Adsence is not appearing on my site, when it was originally


Recently myself and my friend @TigerMANEK426 got accepted to add Google Adsense to my site. We could see the ads and it was fully working but a few days ago the ads just don’t appear… They appear and you can see the code but there is no HTML inside it. I have looked and this isn’t a Cloudflare issue and Google says its not on there end. I am just wondering is InfinityFree causing this is to happen? If it is how can I fix it.

The link to my website is here, you can find the ads were there meant to be just above the footer:

@Admin (sorry for the tag) do you know if iFastNet has something to do with this?

Likewise, you can’t tag admin, No it’s nothing to do with IFastNet, i see in the console that google ads is loading, but not displaying, this may be a job for a google forum, unless you have stuck it in a div which is hidden or whaetever.

However on your legal page /legal, I get

Even though my firefox ad blocker and all extensions are disabled.


@HaydenANG sorry I didn’t know you can’t tag the admin :smile:
I have fixed that issue, but that isn’t what’s stopping ads from showing. I asked on the Google Forum but no one is helping :frowning:

Well, you only posted 2 hours ago, from experience, it could take a day for someone to respond. Yeah, this seems like a google or your websites html issue.


Ah alright, thanks :slight_smile:

Google doesn’t always fill all ad spaces. If they don’t have a good offer, they may leave the spot empty.

And if you have some code which messes with the ad displays (like the ad block notices), this may also interfere with the ad display.


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