I ordered and installed GoGetSSL.
During the installation procedure, I was provided with information about CNAME, but now after installing the certificate it is not there, then if I delete, for example, accidentally from the CNAME records, my record for the certificate, then I cannot restore it, it is no longer provided by the instructions.

Here, between these two cards, there used to be information about the CNAME for the certificate.

chick the first link (3031-07-18)

you don’t need to keep people for fools: there is only a key and a certificate for that link)))

CNAME on this page should be

you wont get the cname again after its installed

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I also have Let’s Encrypt issued for this domain, on this page it has 2 CNAMEs)))

it’s just that I’m currently using GoGetSSL, this page should have 1 CNAME and it should signal visibility in green

If I delete CNAME for GoGetSSL, will my certificate not fall off?

and if it fails, how can I restore CNAME?

that’s the question

it wont disappear

you get a new cname when you get a new certificate

letsencrypt has 2 and gogetssl has 1 cname



I don’t need a new one, I need this one to work, can I now safely delete this CNAME in the CNAME control panel?

I know))) but in Let’s Encrypt they are in the instructions, but in this one they are not

well, she’s not there

as soon as the registrar has checked the CNAME and issued SSL for the domain, then I can delete the CNAME from the panel, do I understand you correctly?

I wouldn’t. Just leave it there. It’s not doing no harm, and who knows that would happen to the SSL if you remove it.

well then read the question again

It’s kind of confusing. Your saying that you deleted the record and now you can access it to put it back?

In that case you just need to get a new SSL certificate.

у меня для этого домена выдан Let’s Encrypt, на этой странице у него 2 CNAME)))

where is CNAME for GoGetSSL? )))

I didn’t delete anything, I want to know where can I get CNAME for GoGetSSL if I delete them?

for Let’s Encrypt I can recover, because I have CNAME for it

you are inattentive

The GoGetSSL CNAME records are single use. So after the certificate has been created, it’s removed from the client area and you should also remove it from your domain. When you want to renew your certificate, you’ll get a different CNAME record to create.

Our Let’s Encrypt integration works a bit differently because the same CNAME record is used for renewals too. So the CNAME records are shown there to remind you to keep them on your domain so you’ll have an easier time when you want to renew the certificate.

This is also why the Let’s Encrypt CNAMEs are displayed on the domain page, whereas the GoGetSSL CNAMEs are displayed on the certificate page.


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