GoDaddy DNS CName instead of changing name server


I just signed up to try InfinityFree and was wondering if I can add the InfinityFree server’s IP address to GoDaddy DNS CName instead of changing name server since I have my email with google?



No, you need to set the nameservers to add the domain to your account. Once the domain is added however, you can change the nameservers back to GoDaddy and use an A record to point your domain to us


Understood! Awesome, thank!!!

When I create an A record… do I point the domain to a specific IP address?

The IP address shown in the client area


Also, just to let you know, you can also use our nameservers and then set up the necessary MX and SPF records on our nameservers to send and receive email with Go Daddy. You don’t have to use Go Daddy’s nameservers to host your email with them.

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