Github-Based Auto update


I am trying to set up a github repository for my site, and was wondering if this was possible?
It would definitely benefit me because I could have others help me to dev, and it would let me see things and save easier

You need to go to Github settings and add your domain there. However, if you use their hosting, you cannot use any other hosting at the same time unless you use a different domain for Github.

Our servers don’t have Git installed, so you cannot push or clone directly from the git repository here.

The best thing I can suggest is to just push the GitHub code to your site over FTP. I played around with GitLab CI and the lftp program to automatically push the site on every commit, and I would suppose that something like that can also be done with GitHub Actions or another CI system of your choice.


That could work, but I can’t use FTP at the moment…
I will definitely look at that in the future!

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