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I’ve been recently trying to configure a custom domain for gitbook. But, every time I set it up, it always freezes in “Your domain status is pending” in the provided image is the error message and how takes too long to load. I’ve already setup the CNAME records in the panel. I am not aware of what the issue here is. I’m I doing something wrong?
Previous subdomain from Gitbook redirects to but the content is not displayed. Is there something else I need to configured? Sorry, I’m new to all this “configuration changes.” Maybe I should wait at least 24 hours? I really do not know…

This domain appears to be configured as an InfinityFree subdomain with the following content:

You’ll need to delete the existing subdomain to be able to use docs as a CNAME record.


Oh… :sweat_smile:

Allright. I’ve go ahead and remove the subdomain from the domains section in and in the file manager. I suppose I should wait 24 hours for it to take effect. Meanwhile, should I remove the past CNAME records that it told me to do and put it after 24 hours, or should I keep it?

As I mentioned… :sweat_smile:

Normally, I don’t think you’d have to, but try removing and adding them again and wait for some hours afterwards for the changes to be reflected.


Did i misunderstood this?



  • Removed SSL (Re-added it just now because it gave an SSL Certificate error.)
  • Removed subdomain from domains section in the cline area
  • Removed files for

I feel I’m doing something wrong… :man_shrugging: :sweat: I’m I?

Wait… Oh

I need to pay close attention next time. :sweat_smile:


So, i’m back.
I think we’re good to go.

Thank you so much for the help! @ChrisPAR

I think now its just matter of time. We’ll have to wait. Because rn, redirects to:


So, I believe we must wait. :man_shrugging:


If you want to see it faster, clearing your DNS cache or changing your DNS resolver might help:


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