Getting this error The MySQL Connection could not be established.....when I install Word Press

I am in Infinity Free and opened Softaulous to down load Word Press. I updated site name and description and a new password and I am getting this error… The MySQL Connection could not be established.

How do I fix this, as I am not familiar with it.
Thank you Joanne

Hello?? any word on this…on what to do?

Softaculous is not working very well right now. We’re aware of it and working on it. There is not that much you can do about it yourself, except for try and install WordPress manually (which is quite easy as well).

Hello, it finally ended up working. I was able to download Word Press with no issues, but now my problem is that I am getting a new error saying… server not found. I can’t access my website… and can’t access the wp-admin either, as it’s giving me the same error. What would be causing this now? Thank you for your help in this matter. Joanne

Your website is working fine from here now.