Getting redirected to - PLEASE HELP!

Hi Team at Infinity Free,
I recently tried to set up a wordpress site with you, but it would not work, even though I created two accounts for the same domain name, Both accounts are cancelled, but I need you to remove the domain from your servers please because I’m getting a redirect to
I’ve pointed the domain at the new server space (Namecheap) but I keep getting redirected to an error page.
However, when I view the site with Tor, this does not happen. And when I use my 4G rather than wireless, I can see the site ok too.
I contacted GoDaddy and my Broadband company too.
GoDaddy says it’s something to do with the cache on my broadband.
The broadband company says it’s nothing to do with them.
I restarted my router and that solved the problem for a while, but now once more, I get the redirect.
I’ve purged my cache on my laptop but the problem persists.
The same problem happens on my mobile phone - when I’m connected to wireless and visit, the site goes to and error page and when I’m on 4G, it goes to the correct site…
Please help!
Please can you remove any vestige of my site on your servers please?
Thanks in advance,

You probably need to wait for DNS propagation.


Thanks Fury Phoenix! Great to hear from you. Does that make sense though? The site is showing on my devices when I use 4G but not when I use my wireless broadband connection. Would that be down to DNS?

Well, you probably will need to clear your DNS cache.


Thank you so much for all your help Fury Phoenix. Your were right - the DNS propagation has now occurred and all is working well. Sending you much love - and hope you’re safe and well at this time.

Did you check this article before posting? It lists all the reasons why you might see that page:


All sorted now. is up and running - thank you everyone for your care and help. Keep safe and well xxx

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