Getting 404 errors on any html files not named "index.html" in sub-folders

Website URL

This is a practice website I’m setting up as I learn HTML

Error Message

The main index page works.

There is a link to starbuzz/index.html inside which looks like this:

<h5 class="info-text">
    Check out the <a href="starbuzz/index.html">Starbuzz project</a>.

Within the “starbuzz” directory, there are two files inside:
(1) index.html, and
(2) mission.html

There is a link inside index.html, pointing to mission.html. This is how this link is set up:

<a href="mission.html">Read about our Mission</a>.

When you click on the “Starbuzz project” link in the main index.html file, it will take you to starbuzz/index.html (

However, once inside starbuzz/index.html, when you click on the “Read about our Mission” link, it will result in a 404 error.

I have experimented with this multiple ways - by having the starbuzz/index.html file as the main index.html file, and referring to mission.html as starbuzz/mission.html. That also results in 404.

The only way I can refer to a file not called index.html is by putting it in the top-level folder. That is, any sub-directories where a file is not called index.html is unreachable.

Am I doing something wrong, or is this how it is supposed to work? On my local instance, this all works fine.

No issue



Thank you.

This is certainly very strange.

After seeing your update, I tried it on another browser (Edge), and it worked fine. But I’m still having issues on the instance of Firefox I’m currently using. I tried opening a new private window of my current Firefox instance, and that worked fine as well! So it appears that the issue lies with the instance of my current Firefox browser. I’m guessing it might be due to one of the add-ons I’m running.

In any case, obviously this is an issue on my side. I’ll do some further digging as to why this browser is having issues.

Thank you so much for the prompt response!!

Our servers enforce quite strong browser caching by default on all static files. So I think that your Firefox installation loaded the site once and has now cached it. If you clear the browser cache through the settings, you should see the updated contents in Firefox too.


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