Get current daily hits with php

I want to know the current daily hits using php. With that, I can manage my website when the daily hits are high


It’s not possible to get the daily hit count. And even if you were able to get it, what would you do with it?


I think that if my website has reached its daily hits limit, i will redirect visitors to my backup website on my second account, so that my website can still be accessed

Please note that if you hit the daily hits limit, your account will be suspended and all traffic to the site will be blocked. This means you will not be able to redirect visitors to another site if you hit the limit. And note that the redirects themselves generate hits too.

Also, we don’t want you to do this. We set these limits for a reason. The idea is that if your website grows too big, you should upgrade to premium hosting. We don’t want you to create multiple accounts and pool their resources for a single site.


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