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SQL ERROR [ mysqli ]

Access denied for user ‘28517756_1a’@‘192.168.0.%’ to database ‘epiz_28517756_90’ [1044]

An sql error occurred while fetching this page. Please contact an administrator if this problem persists.

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Good day, without having changed anything on my website for a long time, it gives a general SQL error since today. I have not changed any password as mentioned in several topics. Can I do something about this myself, have I been hacked? or is there possibly a malfunction on your side?

Are you sure this is correct?

An account name usally looks like if0_xxxxxxxx or epiz_xxxxxxxx. Please check your client area to get the right account name.

If viewed from this the username should be epiz_28517756.


The strange thing is that everything worked fine until this morning and now suddenly not without me having adjusted something on my side. It is true that the account name and database mentioned in the error do not match what is set within the “” in account details. Yet this error page is generated in this way. So I don’t understand that either.

Take a look at your config.php or whatever similar, and try seeking for those info.

You can also try reinstalling phpBB if you wish.


This seems like a Softaculous-generated user to me. Can you go to “Edit Details” of your Softaculous installation and check that the Database username and password there correspond to those in your configuration file? It should look like this:

Alternatively you can try replacing the username and password with your hosting account’s username and password, since those should also work.


In softaculous before…

Indeed, there seems to be different data here than on The SQL Hostename is also different.

I have now copied all the data from and softaculous seems to have successfully implemented this data without errors. However, the website does not work yet, but could that have to do with replication?

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For those who are interested in the outcome.

I rumbled and rumbled, but it is eventually fixed. I had created my site via softaculous, but apparently an error crept into the config.php. I have now restored a somewhat older backup and created a new mysql database and also put an older backup of this. Manually configured the config.php to the correct mysql database and although now a little bit of data is missing, everything works properly again. All in all a solid course web/database management pfff

Thanks everyone!


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