General Error SQL ERROR [ mysql4 ] Access denied for user

General Error

SQL ERROR [ mysql4 ]
Access denied for user ‘epiz_24029136’@‘’ (using password: YES) [1045]
An sql error occurred while fetching this page. Please contact an administrator if this problem persists.

Why am i getting this ?
At time when this problem pop up.
I was trying to upload files through the File Manager.
and i used zipped file. ( can it be the cause ? )
I did this before, no problem.
and i didn’t use FTP because it always disconnect.

anyway, i can solve this problem ??
please lent me a hand, i shall be most grateful…


it means that connection password is invalid.

it should be same with cpanel pass.

or if you’ve changed your cpanel password . db password will be previous one

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<?php // phpBB 3.2.x auto-generated configuration file // Do not change anything in this file! $dbms = 'phpbb\\db\\driver\\mysql'; $dbhost = ''; $dbport = ''; $dbname = 'epiz_24029136_minnan'; $dbuser = 'epiz_24029136'; $dbpasswd = '1xxqqxxx3'; $table_prefix = 'phpbb_'; $phpbb_adm_relative_path = 'adm/'; $acm_type = 'phpbb\\cache\\driver\\file'; @define('PHPBB_INSTALLED', true); // @define('PHPBB_DISPLAY_LOAD_TIME', true); @define('PHPBB_ENVIRONMENT', 'production'); // @define('DEBUG_CONTAINER', true);

i had checked …
The password quoted in the config.php is the latest password i am using …
and since then i had used the same password to access my File manager and FTP too.

or i am looking at the wrong file ?

i think phpbb picks different password for its database :confused:

Thanks for your hint …
my Forum is back for business …

Just don’t know how to say thanks to you to express my gratitute.
Love Ya !

Just so you know: next time don’t share your password on a public space. Censor it with asterisks, or share it in a private message next time.

The password had been edited before i did the posting …
Thanks for your advice …

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