FTP unable to log into htdocs

Using ftp I am able to log into the account but unable to open the htdocs folder,
The folder has 777 permissions,


I have tried the requests outlined in the software to no joy, (see above)

Any help or advice would be appreciated


Are you unable to login to the htdocs folder specifically? Or are you unable to connect to FTP at all?

Have you also tried to connect over a VPN? That should help rule out any network issues on your end.

The FTP servers are working fine from here, and I can’t look inside your network to see what the problem might be.

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it connects fine, when I try to expand the htdocs folder the above pic is the result

How soon do you try to expand the folder? It might be that the server has dropped your connection due to inactivity. Our FTP service is quite aggressive in this regard.

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