FTP TLS connection

Hi. I want to report this issue. My FileZilla says this: “GnuTLS hiba -110 ebben: gnutls_record_recv, The TLS connection was non-properly terminated.”

And sometimes it doesn’t let me to download files because of the TLS.

This error usually means one of two things:

  • The FTP inactivity timer kicked you out. If an FTP connection is not used for 20 seconds, the server will close it.
  • The network connection dropped for some other reason.

So when do you see this error exactly? And can you reconnect and then download files as usual?

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I can’t download the file. It just flooding (see the pics).

Still, I can’t download it. :frowning:

Then try to connect with “Plain FTP” method on the server if you can’t use Explicit TLS with your FTP client.

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I can download it from the online file manager :man_shrugging:

But idk why I can’t from the FileZilla client.

I said, use as encryptation method “Use only plain FTP (not secure)” on that website’s FTP server if you want to do the same thing with FileZilla!

Well, the logs of FileZilla show that there is some problem with the connection between your computer and the FTP servers. The online file manager is not affected by this issue, because then the FTP connection is between our file manager server and our FTP server, which are all well tested.

Searching for this issue online, and comparing it with the logs, my first guess would be that it’s some misbehaving firewall or proxy messing with the secondary FTP connection used for the transfers.

Can you please check if you experience this issue on other networks as well?

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