FTP read socket timeout

My wifi connection and my device is okay, i think the ftp is not working, it’s always causing error when I’m opening a folder or a file. how to fix it? btw I’m using android 10 and I’m using Code editor by rhythm software

Do not use the online file manager.
Use other ftp apps instead

I am using android application and does not work

Can you see your files in the file manager? Because if so, FTP is working.

FTP can be a finicky protocol, so just because “the internet” is working doesn’t mean you’ll be able to connect to FTP. (CG)NAT and IPv6-to-4 gateways can utterly mess up the connection, and those setups seem to be fairly common in emerging economies.

Normally, this is the part where we would ask you to use FileZilla and share the logs. But if you don’t have access to a device with a desktop operating system, that’s going to be pretty hard. Android apps that do FTP properly are rare, and apps that let you properly troubleshoot issues are even more so.


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