FTP outage report

I checked, and our FTP server is fully up and running and working swimmingly. I checked your account through the file manager (which also uses the FTP server) and through FileZilla and both are able to connect without any issues. So whatever issue you may be having, it’s probably not the FTP server.

If you’re having trouble connecting to FTP, please start by trying these things, as they tend to solve most FTP connection issues:

If this doesn’t solve the issue, please generate a more detailed log output from FileZilla so we can see more about what’s actually happening on your end:

Only forum staff is allowed to publish to the Systems Issues category because that category is only for outages that we know affect a large group of users. We don’t want people to post their own things in it which they think are system issues, but may actually be a problem with their account specifically, or even not caused by a hosting problem at all.

The issue you’re experiencing actually seems to fall in that last category.

I don’t know of any company that lets their customers post directly to their status page. There is always a help desk in between to collect, asses and verify that there is in fact a system issue, and not something else.