Ftp no sync


I have a website www.mriplasticas.com.ar and I’m uploading new files via ftp and it is not syncing. I also tried deleting the whole folder htdocs, but the website is still showing. I don´t know what to do.

Thanks for your help.


Never delete the htdocs folder, that may end up confusing you later.

Your browser will normally cache your website, to speed up its loading time in the future. This is a really good feature until you decide to build a website.

Try clearing your cache:


Thank you for your response. I didn’t delete the htdocs folder, I deleted all of it’s content. But the site is still shown. Cleared the cache. Tried in different browsers, PCs, phones and I can still see the website. Even when no file in htdocs directory.
This is very strange.

Sounds similar to this


I think I will try this. Maybe the fastest solution. Thank you.

This issue seems to affect other sites on the same IP address as well. I’ve gathered the data and submitted a request to iFastNet. I’ll share any updates in this announcement topic:


No news yet?

No. Please watch the pinned topic for updated, information will be posted there.