FTP login incorrect and A record IP.

Two quiestions:

  1. I’m working with InfinityBuilder, but I started having problems publishing my site. When I do this a message appears saying: FTP login incorrect. I try to change my account password, but nothing. Any sugestion?
  2. Because I’m using my own DNS service (Zoneedit.com -I need to configure a DKIM entry for bulk mailing-) I don’t know to what IP I need to point my site. I pointed to, but I don’t know if it is correct because I’m having an 404 error, but perhaps I need to wait that the propagation finish. Any other sugestion?

Thanks and sorry by the double post.

  1. Did you login to the control panel already? You need to do so first before FTP is enabled.
  2. Got you covered: https://infinityfree.net/support/find-your-ip
  1. Yes, I have loged in several times. Even I can login through ftp command line, but not publish my site.
  2. The A record was correct, but I change to CNAME better. The tutorial is good and simple. But the problem persist. I see the htdocs content (says Directory Listing), no 404 error (I got confused, sorry). I alredy deleted index2.html, and even the other file.

I login to InfinityBuilder from Addons Domain in cPanel, not from https://infinityfree.net/sitebuilders, and now works from both of them.
A new site builder with an account deleted of my site was created, can I delete?
Thanks and regards.

First of all, I just checked your sitebuilders list and I do see two websites there. The domain names and directories are the same but the account usernames are different. The sitebuilder you tried first is associated with the suspended account, not the active one. This is why the site could not be published.

You can safely delete the sitebuilder for the suspended account (the actual website contents will not be removed).

Also, I do not see any DNS records for your domain name in the zone. You have pointed the www subdomain to your hosting account, but not the root domain name. You probably need to setup an A record.

Unfortunately, Google changed their dig tool, so the guide does not work anymore. The IP address of your website is