FTP Errors, Missing Files, and Websites Showing Connection Refused

When will storage be moved vol18_2?

Posted 5 days ago by Admin:

So that means hopefully less than 10 days, but we can never know.


Hi, first of all happy and healty new year to whole Infinityfree.net family!
Thanks for information, since I could not connectted to my website over FTP and fastly I connected to here(forum pages) and I found my answer in seconds! This is I called as “a fantastic support”!

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Great news! The migration of hosting volumes vol18_1 and vol18_2 ( and was completed a few hours ago! All websites that are on these volumes/IPs are now back up, and all account functionality has been fully restored!

We’re very sorry for how long it has taken for us to resolve this.


thank you to the Infinityfree.net family for their hard work to overcome existing problems so that my website can run as before

Just a quick question, as you said above, the HDD drives will be upgraded to SSD. Will that only happen to these listed IP addresses or for all IP addresses?


I believe the majority of the websites are already on SSD storage. It’s entirely possible that these were the last servers on HDD storage.